Wireless real-time full HD Stream

March 2, 2014

We can proudly present WIRELESS REAL-TIME FULL HD STREAM solution. Full HD, 60fps, 10 bit uncompressed (400 mbit), latency under 1 ms, range up to 1km or more.


The revolutionary technology of the second generation of AmimonPro chipsets finally made this possible! The HD SkyLink is an extremely powerful yet very lightweight wireless HD video transmission system for all kinds of live broadcasting applications. The light weight, especially of the transmitter, makes the HD SkyLink system the perfect choice for live streaming from your multicopter or from a steadycam system. There are no more limits set to spectacular and high quality live images with incomparable transportability and flexibility!


Up to 60 fps Full HD live image without any delay
The HD SkyLink system transmits safely encoded (128 AES) but without compression, thus there is no delay (less than 1ms latency). Multicasting is supported, you can receive the signal of one transmitter with multiple receivers. It is also possible to operate multiple transmitters at the same time with one receiver. The desired transmitter can then be chosen with the included remote control (up to 3 transmitters can be chosen directly by pushing a hotkey), so you can switch between different sources easily. The HD SkyLink is the ideal solution for parallel streaming and to provide a live preview for the camera operator.

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